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  Cidade de Monchique Cidade de Monchique  

Visible from the west to the central Algarve, deploys up the famous mountains of Monchique, not only famous for its typical and succulent dish - the "piri piri", but mostly for its LANDSCAPES and therapeutic treatments in the thermal waters in Caldas Monchique.

The Romans were the first to occupy this area, attracted by its thermal waters. The population grew slowly and by the sixteenth century, it became a city. The main trade in Monchique was agriculture, and dependent on the availability of wool and linen, handicrafts also was contributing to family earnings. Monchique worth a visit - you'll find quaint shops almost as they were at the time.

Monchique are grown oaks and other trees intended for timber and paper industries. Here it is also distilled the Arbutus, a famous strong spirit drink produced from the fruits of a silvestreso bush, the mendronheiro.

The picturesque village of Caldas de Monchique is a collection of historic buildings and the spa, a unique spa in the Algarve. The Romans reached this area specifically such water rich in fluorine and bicarbonate, suitable for the treatment of respiratory disorders, and skeletal muscle. There are some small bars and restaurants on the outskirts of Caldas, where you can relax and enjoy the panoramic views of the coast.

Monchique is a little densenvolvida zone, that all nature lovers should visit. Its natural environment is an indication for motorbike rental, quads or jeeps (safari) to explore this wonderful part of the Algarve and experience the most traditional cuisine of Portugal.

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  Cidade de Monchique Cidade de Monchique  

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