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Tourism in the Algarve

The area known as the Algarve is made up of all the coast sector of southern Portugal. Stand out charming beaches of different characteristics in addition to a wide and varied range of activities dedicated to the enjoyment and leisure.

Usually the weather is better, and especially if it is accompanied as in this case, of an incomparable landscape, scenery may vary depending on the taste of tourists, small towns full of buildings and nightlife, even small typical villages of the area's fishermen .

Tourism in the Algarve

Algarve area of Portugal is the most visited by tourists, as well as its natural beauty, tourists can enjoy the refinement of the hotels and resorts that you prefer, or the tranquility and direct contact with nature it offers through people like Tavira and Santa Luzia.

Algarve beaches can be flat, deep, brave, calm, very visited, deserted and more. Practically there is a beach for every taste, but all have something in common, fine white sand and warm, clear waters.

Very few beyond their enchantment. Even the most demanding athletes and golfers here are a privileged place to practice it because rely on the best courses in Europe.

Golf in the Algarve

As we have already mentioned, golf is the sport that characterizes this part of Portugal. Due to its stable and warm climate, as well as the large number of hours of sunshine, the Algarve has become the ideal place to practice it throughout the year.

It has about thirty playing fields on which defy permanently although in full relax, both the most experienced and professionals and aficionados.

Visit these fields golfers from around the world and this is no accident, as the great quality of farways is the objective always present.

On the other hand the courses were designed by men of outstanding work and therefore of great prestige. Some of them were Rocky Roquemore, Henry Cotton and Arnold Palmer.

Each field has a characteristic peculiarity, there are simple and plans to the most complex, rough and troublesome. There is only one thing in common in all of them: the sea bottom.

Some of the best courses in Europe are currently the Old Course at Vilamoura and the St. Lawrence. Most of the remaining part of the international circuit.


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The Beaches of the Algarve

 The possibilities abound as the beaches, and among the hamlets that whiten the edge and the horizon, the sea will shaking all sorts of fantasies and illusions summer.

Here you can practice any kind of water sport like windsurfing, fishing and diving, or pamper yourself with a good sun bath to freshen up after the crystal clear waters.

The huge dunes beaches are located in this area, while larger and deeper waves are Coast San Vicente, for example, Arrifana Beach. A beach that dazzles visitors with its extreme beauty in sight.

There are also beaches whose main characteristic is its difficult access and to which it is recommended to take all necessary as to be able to make an unforgettable picnic between the sea and golden sands. One example is the belly beach.

But if what tourists look for is to know and to know what made this place famous, then the right choice is the beach of Barril, in Lagos Bay. It is an island located in front of Tavira.

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Activities and Nightlife

There is something else very special on the Algarve as take a boat ride, sail slowly contemplating the turquoise water in stark contrast to the deep azure of the sky and in the distance, the edge of the shining sea.

The change in color to red tones announces the proximity of cliffs that join Albufeira with Vilamoura.

Back on dry land there's nothing better if you travel with family and with the children, who visit the theme park Zoomarine or Krazy World, which will surprise you.

And at night, restaurants typical and international food and nightclubs, or perhaps a walk along the beach until you reach a terrace and revel in a good cocktail.

Another evening leisure possibility may be the casinos of Monte Gordo, Lagos and Vilamoura. Music, live shows and gambling, all this and more in one place.


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Places to Visit

For those looking for lively resorts by the sea, Faro (the regional capital), Portimão, Albufeira or sophisticated Vilamoura, with its luxurious golf courses, are perfect choices. If you prefer more tranquil destinations, head for the west coast, facing the Atlantic, where towns like Aljezur offer deserted beaches; or visit the lively fishing town of Olhão and the pretty fishing village of Alcoutim, near Alentejo and Spain.

Most towns and villages still preserves the legacy of five centuries of Arab occupation, visible in the narrow streets and the architecture of the houses, many of which have chimneys of different shapes and geometric designs.

The south coast is a popular tourist region as a holiday destination for foreigners and the Portuguese themselves.

With an amazing nightlife, the Algarve offers more than 70 clubs, bars and large festivals that attract people from all over the country.

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