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Golf in the Algarve

As we have already mentioned, golf is the sport that characterizes this part of Portugal. Due to its stable and warm climate, as well as the large number of hours of sunshine, the Algarve has become the ideal place to practice it throughout the year. It has about thirty playing fields on which defy permanently although in full relax, both the most experienced and professionals and aficionados. Visit these fields golfers from around the world and this is no accident, as the great quality of farways is the objective always present. On the other hand the courses were designed by men of outstanding work and therefore of great prestige. Some of them were Rocky Roquemore, Henry Cotton and Arnold Palmer. Each field has a characteristic peculiarity, there are simple and plans to the most complex, rough and troublesome. There is only one thing in common in all of them: the sea bottom. Some of the best courses in Europe are currently the Old Course at Vilamoura and the St. Lawrence. Most of the remaining part of the international circuit.